French Fries & Caviar Services


Private Chef / Catering

Team FF&C can help curate events for celebrations, team buildings, dinner parties, etc. Whether it be high end tasting menus to backyard whole-pig cookery to hands on cooking classes, let us be a part of your culinary journey anything from french fries to caviar.


New Restaurant Consultation

Opening a restaurant can be an overwhelming and daunting endeavor. We specialize in helping answer those unknown questions. Let us help minimize costs and risks with our vast experience of kitchen and bar openings. Services that we offer include:

  • Menu Engineering and Development
  • Kitchen and Bar Design
  • Opening Inventory Assistance
  • Training
  • Brand Identity and Concept Creation


Existing Restaurant Consultation

Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes to bring your restaurant back to where it was or take it to a level you want it to be. With French Fries & Caviar's hands on approach, this task will be a lot less stressful than it needs to be. Areas we focus on:

  • Labor, Food, and Beverage Costing Analysis
  • Menu Re-Structuring
  • New Recipe Development
  • Improve Workstation Efficiency and Organization
  • Re-Training and Mentoring





Recipe and Documentation Management

With the current state of our industry, bar managers and chefs don't have the valuable time needed to sit in front of the computer. French Fries & Caviar can help digitize all recipes and documentation so your staff has the tools they need. This will help with consistency, costing, education, morale, etc. 


Product and Brand advocacy

French Fries & Caviar can help design experiential events for brands looking to engage their customers in a new and meaningful way. Team FF&C can work with your brand in the following ways:

  • Social Media Impressions
  • On-Site Product Demonstrations
  • Native Advertising
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Tradeshow Chef Appearances


Research and Development

With a combined 25 years experience in the restaurant industry, team FF&C can help develop new ideas for culinary and beverage focused products. Whether it be new or existing, we can take the knowledge we have gained working in a variety of restaurants from fast casual to Michelin Star and provide the following;

  • Competitive Research
  • Corporate Recipe Development
  • Market Trend Insights


Facility Analysis

With a keen eye and a knack for an attention for detail, French Fries & Caviar can help outline the strengths and weaknesses of your restaurant or bar. FF&C can provide diagnostic and analysis in desired areas of your business.